Sweetily ever after

One down, two more to go. That first semester went by so fast I don't even know where it went. And now it's time for exams. How fun! (that is with sarcasm haha) and plus what is the course outliner person thinking when they plan our exams? To make them during this first week of stuvac? Is it even possible to have exams during this time they give us to be studying? :( but hey, at least I got one out of the way in this first week.

Anyways a month ago I went my aunty's wedding! I haven't been to a wedding in agesss (this means years) and if you don't know already, I have a thing for them. Haha attending weddings, reading about them, looking at wedding photographs, everything! Hehe

The wedding was held at St Dominic's in Flemington followed by a lunch reception in the hall next door.

For the wedding, my sister and I made a dessert table as a gift. We started planning quite early and hunted everywhere for decorations and stands to put on it. The day before the wedding, we baked non-stop until four in the morning and woke up two hours later to get ready. It was harder to wake up that morning than trying to bake for hours and hours. But after rushing, finishing it up and getting ready at the same time, decorating and final touches, we did it! And it was indeed a lot of fun and worth every minute of it. Considering it was the first "big" thing we did together, I think we were pretty happy with ourselves. It was a nice and simple dessert table for the guests to enjoy. And most importantly, the bride and groom and their guests liked it. :)

Here's a few photos of the wedding. 

Congratulations aunty L and uncle J

And the next post will be purely on the food and desserts ;) 

Have a sweetily ever after,



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