Simplylife, Guangzhou

Lovely lovely place.

This is definitely a must-go to place if you're visiting Guangzhou or Hong kong. I went to the one in Guangzhou and it was absolutely amazing! The cakes looked and tasted beautiful. We had the banana tart, chocolate truffle cake and a slice of lemon meringue tart. Each slice was 35 yuan which is about $5.50.

The banana tart was a winner for me! Though the lemon meringue tart was definitely a surprise - I was never a fan of the lemon tart because of the sourness of the lemon, but this was different. Instead of having all the lemon flavour from the lemon curd, there was less in the curd and some lemon extract in the meringue! That was the first time I've seen it being made and it's such smart idea!

lemon meringue tart
I absolutely love love loved the banana tart hehe.

banana tart
We also had the chocolate truffle cake - it was quite rich but there were pieces of orange inside which balanced out the flavour.

chocolate truffle tart
And their other cakes that I didn't get the chance to try :(

blueberry cheesecake

forest berry tart
chestnut tart
strawberry cheesecake
Apart from pretty cakes and coffee, Simplylife also has savoury dishes and of course pastries! Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to try any of the pastries but they look delicious!


Can't wait till my next visit to Simplylife - and I'm already missing their banana tart haha.

Simply cakes, simply beautiful, Simplylife :)


星美樂 xīng měi lè
Shop L305, L3, TaiKoo Hui, 

Tianhe District, Guangzhou


  1. totally agree. the lemon tart is to die for :)

  2. I just came back from a trip to HK and GZ! My cousin took me to the GZ branch and I looooooooved the cafe and their tarts are just amazing ^^ nice pics

    1. Same! Everytime we were asked where we wanted to eat we already knew the answer without even thinking haha. And it was definitely one of the highlights of my trip.
      Thank you! :D