Lyons R.A.W., Drummoyne

orange, watermelon, pineapple juice $6.50
On the way to Copo Café and Diner we were stuck in traffic along Lyons Road and drove past Lyons R.A.W. (across Drummoyne's Bakehouse Café and Ocean's Food). And after some googling, it seems like a pretty nice place for breakfast. So there we were, driving to Drummoyne for two Sundays in a row.

iced coffee
iced chocolate
When we arrived, it wasn't that busy and we didn't have to wait for seats. To start off, I went for a freshly squeezed juice ans so didn't get a chance to try their coffee which I will do on my next visit!

Vegetarian (scrambled eggs with sautéed baby spinach, potatoes, mushroom and toast) $16.50
Bacon & potato (poached eggs, roasted tomato, smokey bacon and potato served with sourdough toast) $18.50
Lamb sausage (chargrilled lamb sausage & baked eggs on a bed of mixed beans served with Danish feta & fig walnut toast) $18.50
Prawn linguine (fresh king prawns cooked in garlic, chilli, lemon juice, parsley, toasted bread crumbs served with linguine pasta and light parmesan cheese) $19.50

Turns out to be a pretty nice place for breakfast however it did seem a little pricy. However I will definitely be back for their vegetarian (would highly recommend) and chicken blt which were both really yummy and definitely my favourites!

Just before we left, we dropped by Drummoyne's Bakehouse Cafe (across the street) and picked up a few goodies! :) 

Lemon meringue tart, salted caramel tart, cherry custard tart, vanilla cannoli 

Until next time!


Lyons R.A.W.
155 Lyons Road
Drummoyne 2047 

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Drummoyne's Bakehouse Cafe
150 Lyons Road
Drummoyne 2047

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