Le Monde, Surry Hills

Hidden behind sun covers and a large truck which happened to park outside just when I was looking for it, I nearly missed Le Monde and was about to eat at Fish Place again. And even though I've been there a couple of times, I'll be more than happy to eat at the fish place anytime - it's yum-may! 

There's an all-day breakfast special and lunch menu on the blackboard and also the regular breakfast/lunch menu attached to a clipboard.

Having just eaten an unplanned free butter chicken at uni, I wasn't going to get something big but somehow ended up going for the potato rosti with bacon, sauteed spinach, poached egg and hollandaise sauce ($16) on their breakfast board. Not such a good idea especially for someone who lost their voice earlier that morning and it probably explains why my voice was still funny the next week days haha. But it was worth it, especially that deliciously crunchy rosti and all the poached egg drizzling down that stack of heaven :D did I mention that it was sprinkled with pistachios on top ;)

potato rosti with bacon, sauteed spinach, poached egg and hollandaise sauce

Aaand the sister had scrambled eggs on english muffin ($6) which was soft and fluffy with lots of parmesan cheese! Definitely made her smile haha. 

scrambled eggs on english muffin

Last but not least, of course I got an iced coffee! Their iced coffee is covered in cocoa powder over the top and boy does it make me miss the one pistachio iced coffee at Plunge Café!

Had a lovely day at Confetti Fair, and there'll be a quick short post about that coming soon!

Hope you have a lovely week,


le monde café
83 foveaux st,
surry hills 2010

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  1. This really looks like a great place for brunch thatnks for the review! And I love your photos with the shallow depth of field. Very prettyyy :)

    1. Your welcome :)
      Aww thank you! I love your blog and your recipes!