Plunge Cafe, Summer Hill

Happy belated Easter long weekend guys! What makes this long weekend even better is that I'm on my mid-sem break! Yayers! It's only been like four weeks at uni and we're already on holidays :D but I have so much to catch up on and I'm so not looking forward to the rest of this semester; assignment exam assignment exam and more exams pretty much sums it all up.  

I've been busy catching up with friends, spending time with family and working this long weekend that I didn't go anywhere, so here's a place I went to last week. After we dropped the younger sister to chinese school at Ashfield, the big sister and I began our hunt for a place to have some Sunday brunch. And Summer Hill was the perfect place, only a couple of minutes drive.

To begin, we both had an ice coffee ($6) - it was quite hot that day so instead of our one latte and one ice coffee, I opted for an ice coffee too. And I loved it! Instead of having a scoop of vanilla ice cream with the espresso and milk, it was pistachio ice cream! My favourite :D and it wasn’t some ice cream with pistachio flavouring, it had the nut in it! Yummm! It was definitely a surprise and a nice one too! But for those crazy people who don’t like pistachio ice cream, you'll probably have to go with something else. 

buttermilk pancakes with seasonal fruits, cream and maple syrup ($16)
The menu looked so good and having a sweet tooth that day, I had trouble choosing between the french toast with sour cherries and mascarpone or the buttermilk pancakes with seasonal fruits (nectarines and strawberries), cream and maple syrup. That problem was solved when I finally decided on the french toast but they didn’t have any left :( so I had to go with the pancakes. They pancakes were soft and fluffy, though I think I would of rather the french toast. I will be back for them. :D

omelette with chorizo, potatoes, spanish onions and toast ($17)
The sister had an omelette with chorizo, potatoes, spanish onions and toast. The omelette was cooked nicely and not too dried with a fair amount of chorizo and onions.  

Hope you had a lovely long weekend :)


plunge café
46 Lackey Street, Summer Hill 2130
(02) 9799 9666

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  1. mmm that ice coffee sounds sooo good!

  2. @chocolatesuze yup, it was good! something different, but quite nice with pistachios :)

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