Pâtisserie Tony Wong, Hong Kong

With more than thirty years of experience in pastry making, Hong Kong patisserie Tony Wong is undoubtedly someone who inspires me. I've watched every episode of Mr Sweet (甜心先生), a Hong Kong cooking show, that featured him where he demonstrated a couple of recipes. I watched the videos over and over again to get his recipes (I couldn’t find any written copy of his recipes) and even tried making them. I've made his honey and lemon cupcakes, green tea fraisier cake and his croquembouche. Unlike his other cakes featured in his shop, these were quite simple and didn’t have as much detail and components as the others.   

I have to admit his cakes were quite pricey seeing that we spent a couple hundred HKD on a couple slices of cake, but it was definitely worth the visit. Unlike Simplylife where all the cakes were the same price, these cakes varies in prices and are assembled individually. Tony Wong's cakes are very detailed with many components in each cake, making all of them unique. From what I remember, the cakes that we had were about $42.00 HKD each, which is around $5.30.      

Between the five of us we shared six pieces and I swear I could of eaten more! Haha. We had two mango napoleons (a must must try dessert!), jasmine one two tea, chocolate truffle, dark and white chocolate orange cake and I forgot the last one, think it was a passionfruit one? The mango napoleon was surely a stand out - fresh pieces of mango, crispy flaky pastry and a good amount of pastry cream. 

His rose cakes, made with chocolate petals, comes in a range of colours and looks amazingly gorgeous, are also one of his signatures but unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to try them. :(

Both Patisserie Tony Wong and Simplylife are amazingly delicious pretty places with yummy yummy cakes. Both places are lovely and unique in their own way and I would recommend dropping by if you're visit Hong Kong or China. 


74 Fuk Lo Tsun Road
Kowloon City, Kowloon, Hong Kong


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