Caffe Di Stefano Coffee Warehouse Café & Deli, Homebush

spaghetti aglio e olio ($16)

It's literally five minutes away from where I live and I've been there 1295405 times. Caffe Di Stefano has actually been opened for some time now, I think it opened in mid May, two or so years ago. It's humongous and there's everything there - restaurant and café, giant coffee roaster, gelateria, barista training and a deli.

Also, if you're interested in coffee making, there are tv screens showing the baristas making your coffee on the spot.     

regular latte ($4.40)
iced coffee ($7)
 This time I went was during lunchtime on a Wednesday and it was nearly filled - note that it is quite a large restaurant t have it nearly filled does mean there was quite some people there. Also, from experience, it's usually packed on Friday and Saturday nights.

We started off with a garlic crust ($15) - something we get all the time. Sprinkled crispy diced pieces of garlic on a lovely base, boy do I love garlic.  The garlic crust was already quite filling (in the end we still couldn’t finish the garlic crust!) so we decided to get only one pasta, the spaghetti aglio e olio with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, chilli, parsley and parmesan ($16). The punch of garlic in this pasta was also very nice, however at the bottom of the dish was a puddle of oil which drown the spaghetti. 

garlic crust ($15)


17 - 35 Parramatta Road 
Homebush 2140 

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  1. The coffee's look so good! and ... a tv watching your coffee being made ... how interesting!!

    - cassie

  2. i'm craving the garlic crust and ice coffee:)