Fouratefive, Surry Hills

baked goodies
On a cold wet and rainy Sunday we were around the area and decided to eat at Fouratefve in Surry Hills. I have to admit I love the name - Fouratefive being on 485 Crown Street, such a witty name haha. We (with mum and the sister) got there at around twelve thirty and there was a queue. We were a few down in the line and was told it was going to be about half an hour's wait seeing that a couple of groups above us probably left already. We decided to wait and it was about a bit over half an hour before getting seats inside. 

We started off with an apple-pineapple-mint juice, an orange-pineapple-passionfruit juice, both being $5.50 each and a chocolate deluxe shake ($6.00). I had the OPP juice and it was nice and sweet but the only thing is that the juice wasn't cold when it arrived. And even with the ice, it didn't really get any colder. Even though it's wet and cold outside, I do love a cold juice haha.

Today's specials were mixed berry pancakes with ricotta and eggs benedict on croissant. We went for the eggs benny with extra haloumi, poached eggs with mushrooms and potato and fennel hash ($15.50) and also kumera chips with aioli ($6.00). 

eggs benedict with extra haloumi
poached eggs with mushrooms and potato and fennel hash
kumera chips with aioli - yummmmy!
The highlight was definitely the kumera chips! While we were waiting we saw a table order both the kumera chips and the hand cut chips with sea salt and rosemary and boy did they smell gooood! We wanted to order both but we knew we couldn't finish it so we went for the kumera chips. And we definitely went for the right one cause they were so good! Thinly sliced crunchy kumera chips with aioli... it was delicious!! 

Just received my first set of The Sweet Swap gifts!! :) sending mine off tomorrow, fingers crossed that they stay safe in the post!

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485 Crown Street
Surry Hills 2010

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  1. mmm ive had a craving for kumera chips for ages now!

    1. they're sooo good and addictive :D and i really want to try the hand cut chips!