Le dessert table

Continuing from the previous post, this one's all about the food from the wedding. Or to be more specific, the desserts! P: we (me and my sister) baked for many many hours (till four in the morning of the wedding) and had only two hours of sleep but it was worth it. Ours definitely did not look as good as those you see around Pinterest but we were pretty happy with it. :D

What we had on the table:
Chocolate brownies
Chocolate mousse 
Lemon curd tartlets
Ginger brulee tartlets
Passion fruit melting moments
Chocolate cupcakes

The only thing I didn't think about was the amount of time the table was going to sit there untouched. Answer: a long long time. Long enough that  the caramelised sugar on the brulee tartlets melted :( and since majority of the desserts were supposed to be chilled until serving time, they warmed up to room temperature :(

The wedding reception was decorated in blue and so we tried to keep colour minimal and only to white and shades of blue. We wanted to keep it simple and didn't have many decoration. We only had a couple of small bird cages with flower petals, a polaroid money box, blue and some white pom poms and some baby's breath (I love love these flowers, they're simple and pretty!).

Also here's a couple of photos of the salads from the buffet lunch. I forgot the catering company but will try to find out.

Fig and goats cheese salad

Apple, parmesan cheese and rocket salad 

Smoked salmon 


Really had a good time with this dessert table, can't wait until a next time! 

Have a lovely day, 


Bird cages from Dollar King Burwood 
Photo frame and camera money box from Typo
Martha Stewart Craft pom poms, blue and white from Peter's of Kensington
Champagne glasses were a gift to the bride and groom
Martha Stewart White Doily Lace Cupcake stand from Peter's of Kensington
Gordon Ramsay light blue cup and saucer set from Peter's of Kensington
Robert Gordon white cake stand from Peter's of Kensington 


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