Revolver, Annadale

Woohoo exams are over!! And there goes my first year of uni which means I'm already one third through my degree! But (there's always a but) unlike every other lucky uni kid, I don't get a three months long holiday :( infact my holidays just started yesterday and end on Sunday night cause I have school on Monday. Already? Noooo :'( and what doesn’t make it any better is that I have work on Sunday which means my whole day is pretty much gone as well. In saying so, I still want the weekend to go slowly, actually weekend, please don’t go away haha.

On a happy note, I got my P's… exams booked! Haha no, not my provisional one licence - only the exam booked which I am still not quite ready for.. And let's not go into how many hours I've done haha. But I still have a bit under a month till the exam so there's still time. Can’t wait to get them when I'll no longer be a L plater! Fingers and toes crossed that I'll pass :D

Iced coffee and fresh house squeezed juice

When we arrived at Revolver in Annadale on a Sunday morning, there was a bit of a queue but it was only five or so minutes before we got a table. We started off with an iced coffee ($5.50) and the fresh house squeezed juice ($5.50) which had orange, apple, watermelon and passionfruit.

Bacon and egg roll with wild rocket and awesome sauces

We had a bacon and egg roll with caramelised onion, wild rocket and awesome sauces on a Sonoma roll ($10). It was on the softest bun ever! And with the awesome sauces and gooey egg, it was delicious! Did I mention how much I love their vintage plates? Haha   

Breakfast baked oats with blueberries, poached pear and ice cream

I remember ordering the ginger spiced hotcakes before I saw the blackboard special and immediately asking to change my order. From what I can recall it some breakfast oats with blueberries, poached pears baked and served it a skillet with ice cream. I couldn't wait to dig in and was so glad that I saw the special just in time! 

Here's to a weekend that will never go away. Happy Friday! 


291 Annadale Street, 
Annadale 2038

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